Contract and Business Disputes


Contract and Business Disputes I have worked on:

  • Thabico v. Kiewit.  My client, Thabico, from the Republic of Vietnam, hired me to prepare and file a temporary restraining order lawsuit against Kiewit, one of the largest construction firms in the world. The dispute arose from Kiewit's refusal to deliver a construction crane worth around $1,000,000. On an emergency basis, I prepared a request for injunctive relief and successfully obtained an injunction prohibiting the defendant from using or selling the crane prior to the resolution of my client's claims.
  • Smart Meals, Inc., v. Barshop.  In what would become a multi-year dispute in both state and federal courts, I obtained a unanimous jury verdict for the plaintiff, Smart Meals, Inc., a small, but well-established Houston area business, for its claim of breach of contract. The agreement, known as a “Company Agreement,” governed the rights and obligations between the original business owner and her new partner. The Company Agreement initially demanded and prepared by the defendant's attorney, established a clear procedure for resolving disputes between the owners. Despite this, after a disagreement arose between the owners, the defendant literally locked my client out of the business she founded and refused to pay for her shares of the company.  Even though no real issue existed regarding the existence of the Company Agreement, the defendant hotly denied his obligations under the contract which resulted in a week-long trial. Ultimately, the jury sided with my client, determined that the defendant breached the Company Agreement, and awarded damages to Smart Meals.
  • LCA v. Mattioli. Retained by Federico Mattioli, MD on eve of trial to take over the defense of a breach of employment agreement lawsuit filed against a physician by his corporate employer. The employer alleged that my client violated non-compete and other provisions of his employment agreement. On the eve of trial, the parties reached an acceptable resolution of all disputes, which allowed the physician to continue practicing medicine in a new practice.

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